Defining the hard-to-pigeonhole


I’m guessing you’ve stumbled across this site because you’ve somehow heard of me, probably in a professional setting.

I often get asked where I fit in professionally. The easy answer is that I’m a digital producer cum product manager.

The more realistic answer is that I do a little bit of everything. I’ve worked with clients of all sizes in a number of capacities: Business Analysis, Product Development, Project Management, Digital Production, Social Media Strategy, Social Media Management, Marketing Strategy, Business Strategy, App Development, SEO strategy, Content Strategy… and the list goes on.

In other words: if there’s a software product or something digital you’re working on that requires a strategic framework, then I’m the guy you bring in to help you design, develop and implement it. I don’t pretend to be the cheapest person, and I don’t promise fast results, but I can guarantee solid, well-thought-out results that put you on the right path.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have a question at info at adrianmakohon dot com.

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