Who’s the Real Customer, or Jeff Patton is Right

Jeff Patton’s excellent ninja talk at last week’s Mind the Product Engage conference in Hamburg got me really thinking. TL;DR version – he argued for making the engineering team also responsible for the outcome of their development. Based on some other discussions at and around the conference, I think it might go a bit further… Continue reading Who’s the Real Customer, or Jeff Patton is Right

Vale, Roozi

My friend Roozi Araghi died last week. For various reasons, I won’t be able to make it back to Sydney for his memorial service tomorrow, but at the least I thought I’d share a little about him.

Apple News: Initial Questions

A few years ago, I worked for a boutique publisher. The publisher offered a number of subscription-only journals, and the decision was made to create an iPad Newsstand version of the journal. I spent a good chunk of my time helping generate as interactive, measurable and enjoyable a magazine app as possible, and we were very proud… Continue reading Apple News: Initial Questions