Apple News: Initial Questions

A few years ago, I worked for a boutique publisher. The publisher offered a number of subscription-only journals, and the decision was made to create an iPad Newsstand version of the journal. I spent a good chunk of my time helping generate as interactive, measurable and enjoyable a magazine app as possible, and we were very proud… Continue reading Apple News: Initial Questions

Róisín Murphy at Berlin Festival

I’ve spent the last week or so travelling around London and Berlin. Here’s a short video of Róisín Murphy performing a personal favourite, Dear Miami, at the Berlin Arena centre last night. Apologies for the awful camerawork – I was quite far back.

Apps World 2015: OpenTable’s user-centred mobile payment design

A lot of the big app platforms are more than just a consumer application on your smartphone, coupled with a website. Repeatedly at Apps World and elsewhere, I would hear speakers talking about these magic platforms that didn’t augment so much as capture the end-end experience.  The big example lauded at the moment is Uber.… Continue reading Apps World 2015: OpenTable’s user-centred mobile payment design