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A lot of the big app platforms are more than just a consumer application on your smartphone, coupled with a website. Repeatedly at Apps World and elsewhere, I would hear speakers talking about these magic platforms that didn’t augment so much as capture the end-end experience. 

The big example lauded at the moment is Uber. Uber manages the whole private driver experience. From booking the ride, to seeing the progress of the driver as they are driving to the pickup point. From its driver management tools, such as offering point-point instructions and realtime traffic information. The post-ride review system to reward good drivers and passengers. The tiering of car services available. Its partnerships, such as the current Spotify trial in the USA, where passengers can pre-request and play their Spotify music in the car. ...continue reading "Apps World 2015: OpenTable’s user-centred mobile payment design"

Mike Schneider is the VP of Marketing at Skyhook. Skyhook is one of the big three location network services (alongside Google and Apple), and the only one that focuses on location as its core product. He gave a great talk on using context and location data to create dynamic apps. ...continue reading "Apps World NA 2015: Making the 5% of Successful Apps"