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This last year has been pretty crazy, in all honesty.

It started with a conversation on the water in Berowra, just north of Sydney. A close friend and I sat on the balcony, chatting about the general dissatisfaction I had with my life. 2014 had been (literally) one car crash after another, and I really felt over everything.

Her suggestion? Get up off my ass and change everything. So I did. ...continue reading "Around the World in several books"

A few years ago, I worked for a boutique publisher. The publisher offered a number of subscription-only journals, and the decision was made to create an iPad Newsstand version of the journal. I spent a good chunk of my time helping generate as interactive, measurable and enjoyable a magazine app as possible, and we were very proud of the results.

Key to us was the ability to have solid metrics on what types of topics our users were reading, who their favourite authors were, and how regularly they were accessing specific articles or sections. ...continue reading "Apple News: Initial Questions"

FRIEDA is the baking startup my dear friend Thomas and his partner, David Wong, have started in Philadelphia. I had the pleasure of having lunch with the two of them the other week in New York. I only mention this because they've been featured in Hidden City Philadelphia last week. Worth a read about how they're using baking to bridge generations. [Hidden City Philadelphia]

I've spent the last week or so travelling around London and Berlin. Here's a short video of Róisín Murphy performing a personal favourite, Dear Miami, at the Berlin Arena centre last night.

Apologies for the awful camerawork - I was quite far back.

I've set a new challenge for myself.

For the last year and a bit, I've been working at a software startup in stealth mode. The thing is, it's a good product with a promising future, but for all the attempts of the management team (including myself), it's not ready for market yet.

After a difficult time working through very conflicting thoughts, I've made the decision to seek not just a new project, but to also take the chance to go for a whole new experience.
...continue reading "The Next Challenge"