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Jeff Patton’s excellent ninja talk at last week's Mind the Product Engage conference in Hamburg got me really thinking.

TL;DR version - he argued for making the engineering team also responsible for the outcome of their development. Based on some other discussions at and around the conference, I think it might go a bit further than that. ...continue reading "Who’s the Real Customer, or Jeff Patton is Right"


I had the honour of seeing Karen McGrane give a great talk on issues we are currently facing maintaining and publishing content for multiple platforms. Her Content in a Zombie Apocalypse talk at UX London 2015 covered the issues faced by content creators in an increasingly multi-output world. ...continue reading "UX London: Karen McGrane’s Content Modelling Process"


My first stop on my tour around the world is San Francisco. I'd forgotten how beautiful this city can be, and how awesome the vibe is here.

The first jobby thing I've done was to take on the one-day Foundations course in product management as part of the Pragmatic Marketing program.

...continue reading "Pragmatic Marketing Foundations"