Apps World 2015: OpenTable’s user-centred mobile payment design

A lot of the big app platforms are more than just a consumer application on your smartphone, coupled with a website. Repeatedly at Apps World and elsewhere, I would hear speakers talking about these magic platforms that didn’t augment so much as capture the end-end experience.  The big example lauded at the moment is Uber. […]

Apps World NA 2015: Connected Home – What’s your app strategy?

This was what felt like a very quick panel discussing the current state and future predictions for connected Internet of Things home technology. Present were Letha McLaren from iControl Networks, Chris Klein from Rachio, Kyle Nakatsuji of American Family Ventures and Chris Kim from August.

Apps World NA 2015: Context is King – Creating the optimal experience

I spent the last few days in San Francisco at Apps World North America 2015. There were quite a few good sessions, so I thought I’d just chuck together some of my notes from some of the sessions I attended. (I posted some of these already on my twitter feed. Unfortunately, thanks to a combination […]