UX London: Brad Frost’s Atomic Design Model

I love that Brad Frost’s Working with Atomic Design UX London talk included the following quote from Daniel Mall: As an industry, we sell websites like paintings. Instead, we should be selling beautiful and easy access to content, agnostic of device, screen size, or context.

UX London: Karen McGrane’s Content Modelling Process

I had the honour of seeing Karen McGrane give a great talk on issues we are currently facing maintaining and publishing content for multiple platforms. Her Content in a Zombie Apocalypse talk at UX London 2015 covered the issues faced by content creators in an increasingly multi-output world.

Apps World 2015: OpenTable’s user-centred mobile payment design

A lot of the big app platforms are more than just a consumer application on your smartphone, coupled with a website. Repeatedly at Apps World and elsewhere, I would hear speakers talking about these magic platforms that didn’t augment so much as capture the end-end experience.  The big example lauded at the moment is Uber. […]