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I had the privilege of chatting to a founder of a biotech company, who was happy to speak to me on condition of anonymity.

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Mike Schneider is the VP of Marketing at Skyhook. Skyhook is one of the big three location network services (alongside Google and Apple), and the only one that focuses on location as its core product. He gave a great talk on using context and location data to create dynamic apps. ...continue reading "Apps World NA 2015: Making the 5% of Successful Apps"

Daniel Jacobson is the VP responsible for the Netflix API. In his session, he explained the movement that Netflix have made from using an one-size-fits-all solid API model to a multi-layer more ephemeral API.

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This was what felt like a very quick panel discussing the current state and future predictions for connected Internet of Things home technology. Present were Letha McLaren from iControl Networks, Chris Klein from Rachio, Kyle Nakatsuji of American Family Ventures and Chris Kim from August.

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Marie Suh is the Director of Strategic Partnerships at Spotify. In this session, she outlined the process that Spotify go through when working out when, who and why to partner with another company. ...continue reading "Apps World NA 2015: Spotify: Unlocking the next big partnerships"


Toby Russell, VP of Digital at Capital One,  gave a great talk on what makes a platform truly disruptive. To illustrate the difference between an application and a platform, he gave the example of Taxi Magic, an application he founded a few years ago.

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I spent the last few days in San Francisco at Apps World North America 2015. There were quite a few good sessions, so I thought I'd just chuck together some of my notes from some of the sessions I attended.

(I posted some of these already on my twitter feed. Unfortunately, thanks to a combination of my interesting US phone account and spotty wifi in one of the areas, I wasn't able to live-tweet everything.)

Context is King was a solid question and answer panel session focusing on marketing and product strategy for mobile applications. My highlights below.

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It occurs to me halfway through a wide-ranging chat with Jill Bourque, that VCs are to startup founders as music executives are to musicians.

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My first stop on my tour around the world is San Francisco. I'd forgotten how beautiful this city can be, and how awesome the vibe is here.

The first jobby thing I've done was to take on the one-day Foundations course in product management as part of the Pragmatic Marketing program.

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I've set a new challenge for myself.

For the last year and a bit, I've been working at a software startup in stealth mode. The thing is, it's a good product with a promising future, but for all the attempts of the management team (including myself), it's not ready for market yet.

After a difficult time working through very conflicting thoughts, I've made the decision to seek not just a new project, but to also take the chance to go for a whole new experience.
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